Slide thumbnailFusing Artificial Intelligence and NeuroscienceBlueCallom.AI Innovation Software

First AI-Native Corporate Software

No forms, no conventional structures, the system is an AI-native design. Natural language communication, speech enabled. No conventional computer code. Instead the entire innovation process is driven by the AI in natural language interaction. The first independent AI-native corporate software.

1) Intelligent innovation workspace

All ideas, research, market feedback, opinions and decisions are stored with its relations to sources, authors, validations and confluences in the BlueCallom system and represents a mega repository of innovative thinking. Augmented reality is playing a strategic role in working seamlessly in an innovative environment with massive data aggregation.

2) IIPGS Intelligent Innovation Process Guidance System

Innovation team users and managers get intelligently guided through the End-to-End, Deep Innovation Design processes, with its over 100 innovation success critical tasks.

3) Innovation-Specific KPI Framework

Composed from tens of thousands of data points, the predictive model of the BlueCallom KPI Framework estimates the innovation success already in an early stage of the process, before major investments need to be made. It also drives the IIPGS for perfect process performance with users needing to administrate their process.

4) Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard allows to oversee all innovation projects, compare team performances, analyze events where teams where exceptionally performing or underperforming.

5) Enterprise-grade AI

Put all your innovation teams from around the world and their data in one homogenized Innovation Management Solution. Allowing local innovation teams in other countries to benefit from the AI-Powered innovation system. 

6) AI Base Technology

BlueCallom is AI-native application with a multi AI architecture. We use Open AI’s GPT-X solution as the “AI-Operating System”. It’s Large Language Model (LLM) is the most powerful commercial model, allowing us to build customized infrastructure for Innovation Specific usage. In addition we use other providers for Natural Language Processing (NLP) to allow users to simply speak or listen to the system without even needing a keyboard or mouse. And yet another AI for Augmented Reality that overlays process navigation for visual process guidance. The Predictive Model for the KPI framework was build by BlueCallom and so was the Prompt Framing Technology.

7) GPTBlue Prompt Framing

The unique Prompt Framing Modeler is helping innovation teams in hundreds of situations and innovation specific tasks. Innovation teams don’t need to become prompt engineers and enter their prompts strait into GPTBlue. While todays “prompting techniques” are pretty rudimentary, GPTBlue already handles conditional prompt outputs, supports custom instructions, prompt governance, and direct function calling. Think of Prompt Framing as a new programing language to model the human-to-AI interface for very business or organization specific interaction with an otherwise very general AI.