Product Manager

You have a love for technology, user interaction, and like to build the best product in the world?

We are a neuroscience-influenced cloud-based software company. We do a bunch of things that have never been done before. For instance, building a lateral (non-linear) process software. Creating the entire software base on a unique multi-user canvas technology. Building a genetic Computing Model to manage huge data sets. Creating processes that are a reflection of non-digital brain processes. Our today’s product is just the beginning. We don’t drill holes in the skull to reach strategic neurons, instead, we use the natural given APIs into the human mind and leverage the preprocessor functionalities our neuron structure provides us.

We are looking for people with exceptional abilities to imagine the future of neuronal software that is not like today’s “AI/ML concepts” but more like the human brain operates.

Our ideal candidate

  1. You have the ability to bridge the chasm between customer dreams and engineering geniuses. A key is your ability to relay the needs and dreams through PRDs with the engineering team.
  2. Your graphical skills allow you to draw any mock-up needed to craft a superior user experience.
  3. You are technically savvy enough to know what you can ask for and push the limits of technological limits.
  4. You have an abstract thinking ability to convert a vision into a product that engineers can build and the human sensitivity to know where their limits need to be pushed forward too.
  5. Your obsession to build the best product out there will never allow a compromise, instead, you drive it to an optimal solution.
  6. You are used to working with remote teams, teams from technology partners, and possible remote experts for specific developments.
  7. You have a sense of urgency so that the product development cycles are kept within the plans and that there is room for quick fixes and feature requests from customers underway.

Your skills and talents

  • You can write PRDs and craft mock-ups that look like the real application.
  • You can prototype dummy pages with HTML to show the flow
  • You can craft flowcharts that show the process flow of the application
  • You have leadership skills to motivate, coach, and guide people working with you
  • Your research skills let you find what you need, who you need, and how you can solve any problem that may arise.
  • Your customer relationship skills help you perfectly understand what our users want, need, and dream off.
  • You possess industry experience to know how to deal with recurring revenue models and be able to propel new business models
  • Your base technology knowledge spans the gamut of ML, NLP, Blockchain, Data Science, data visualization, and so forth
  • Your product marketing skills allow you to craft initiatives, promotions, and continuous knowledge transfer to attract users and stimulate users to do more with the product.
  • Most importantly, you are an amazingly awesome and inspiring person :)

Our Customers

Primarily, very successful businesses, 500+ employees with a need to continuously innovate and an interest in using the best possible tools to stay on top. We are primarily working with Innovation Executives and Managers.

Dream Job

If the above describes your dream environment and you see that you can shape it into what you think is the best for the company, you are in the right place. If you don’t know because we haven’t told you what you need to do, it’s too early for us.

Our Location
Zürich, Switzerland
Our office is in the city of Zürich, next to the lake, the opera and the city center. There is an underground parking garage, tram stop. Supermarket and restaurants within walking distance.

Remote Work
Remote work from Silicon Valley, Singapore, Switzerland, or Southern Germany is possible.

You speak flawless English.
German, French, or Chinese language skills would be nice too.
Product Manager is your dream job
You have a base software technology understanding

Monthly salary plus success bonus.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Product Manager


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