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BlueCallom Implementation & Services

Creating an execution and success-focused team ready for disruptive innovation

Corporate Innovation Impl. Accelerator

BlueCallom Implementatio Services

Usually, it takes years to have a ground breaking innovation. Ideas don’t come that easy and for most businesses, great ideas are considered rare and randomly occurring events. In addition to the challenge of creating such ideas, another challenge is the different way of bringing those innovative solutions to market, the majority of corporate innovations failed to be successful in the market. On top of all, those ideas may not easily be understood by conservative finance people, the board, investors, and unions who all have a saying in the corporate development and investments into innovation. The developed nations are facing major barriers in becoming more innovative.

Innovation = Ideation + Validation + Execution + Financing. The lion’s share of innovation success is about relentless execution and creating exceptional successes, fast.

The Corporate Innovation Implementation Accelerator is the main part of our BlueCallom Implementation & Services offering. A guided 4-6 month program, from the point of “No idea where the next disruption may come from” all the way to bring disruptive innovation to market.

Innovation Readiness Check

BlueCallom Services

Making sure you know where you stand
The Innovation Readiness Assessment is not an all or nothing test but gives you gradual information where your capabilities for ground breaking innovation stands. We clearly differentiate between slight and significant improvements versus light, significant and ground breaking innovation capabilities. In order to prevent getting disrupted, an improvement strategy is a lethal dead end. The innovation assessment covers several innovation relevant areas in your organization, the current innovation related processes, the current innovation management tools, innovation mindset, innovation motivation, strategic direction towards innovation and most importantly availability of innovation skills, talents and mindset.

Brand Specific Webinars

BlueCallom Services

Team inspiration to more innovation
The Deep Innovation Design webinars for corporate teams are created to help corporations “warm up” their teams for the concept of innovation, what innovation means, how it can be done, why almost everybody can be innovative and the impact of innovation to every modern enterprise.

The customized programs is brought into alignment with the companies need and business objectives as well as industry specific alignment.

The webinars are available as one or two 45 minute webinar plus Q+A. The program can be conducted for any timezone.

BlueCallom Implementation & Services Logistics

BlueCallom has a deeply rooted experience history. Our founders built grew and successfully exited four innovative businesses with disruptive business models in Silicon Vally and Europe. They learned from their peers how they developed their innovations, and gained experiences from working with over 100’s startups. The breakthrough that led to starting BlueCallom however came from Neuroscience. It opened up a science-based understanding of why they had been successful and why their competitors fell behind, why so many startups successfully compete against global enterprises and why all the gigantic effort put into innovation is getting so little traction.

All programs are structured to maximize impact and a groundbreaking innovation as an output. The BlueCallom methodologies produced repeatable successes since 2016. The BlueCallom Implementation Services are geared towards reaching innovation success within less than 6 months. The fastest way from zero to groundbreaking innovation.

BlueCallom Implementation & Services for WIForum Partners

Following programs are for World Innovations Forum Partners

POC Startup Collaboration *

When innovative enterprise B2B startups get ready, they are in need of collaborating with early adopter customers. The obvious advantage for the corporation is to get in touch with the latest technology at the earliest stage. Both can learn from each other and the participating corporate teams won’t get surprised a few years later by what has been developed in the meantime. This program does two things:
1) Puts agile enterprises on a list, available to startups in an early stage looking for collaboration.
2) Gives enterprises an opportunity to test what is out there and already developed, yet far from being a mainstream product.
BlueCallom is pre-selecting startups based on readiness, viability and degree of innovation and managing the relationship between startup and enterprise. There are constantly roughly 1,000 startups from 30 countries and 5 continents accessible.

* This program is exclusively for Corporate Partners of the World Innovations Forum Foundation.

Brand specific talent acquisition initiative *

We are available for brand-specific talent acquisition campaigns, helping attract top talents in innovative ways through our access to the global startups and young talents in Asia, Africa, Europe and the US.

* This program is exclusively for Corporate Partners of the World Innovations Forum Foundation.

Innovation for the public sector

For the public sector, we developed the BlueCallom Implementation & Services together with the World Innovations Forum. We are collaborating with local implementation partners in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the US.

* This program is exclusively for Corporate Partners of the World Innovations Forum Foundation.