Leveraging our most precious talent as human beings - ingenuity.

Cloud-Based Neuro Innovation Management Solution

Dream – Make – Scale

Who we are

BlueCallom’s enterprise-grade cloud-based Neuro Innovation Management Solution provides the most predictable and fastest way to groundbreaking innovation. Highly influenced by neuroscience, the BlueCallom Deep Innovation Design methodology spans the entire innovation lifecycle. Innovation episodes include innovation opportunity discovery, neuro ideation, idea validation, innovation financing, market introduction, scaling, and innovation continuum. A unique Innovation KPI Framework provides a rich set of sixteen highly innovation-process-relevant KPIs. BlueCallom is built on the innovation duality of brilliant ideation and relentless execution.


In 2016, the Society3 Group was first, developing a unique method to create disruptive business models in a repeatable manner. It was very successfully applied in the Society3 Startup Accelerator. In 2017 the founders’ team went on a quest to find out how ideas are actually created. The research led the team to neuroscience and a radically different innovation development solution compared to all the conventional ideation and innovation processes and methods. In 2019, the “Deep Innovation Design” method was created. The need to support the new method and its data bursting outcome led to a new technology platform, saying goodbye to linear processes and introducing one of the first laterally organized business applications. In 2020 BlueCallom became a spinoff of Society3 and the brand-new technology and methodology were introduced in spring 2021.

Where the name comes from

BlueCallom builds a bridge between technology (Blue) and our brain’s Corpus Callosum (Callom). After a deep search for past experiences, the Corpus Callosum seems to prepare the chemical code of an idea in emotional and logical forms that can be imagined and verbally explained. We do not attempt to drill holes into our heads to make sense of its activities; we use the already existing and perfectly structured sensory APIs: speech, hearing, and seeing.

Where we want to take it

By 2030
We aim for having the most intelligent, self-learning, and user-guiding innovation management solution.
BlueCallom will provide the most comprehensive innovation process data.
The most profound knowledge on neuro innovation management.
The method and technology used for developing the most groundbreaking innovations in this decade.


We envision BlueCallom becoming instrumental in unleashing humans’ most precious asset, INGENUITY, in a professional environment. Moreover, we expect a very fast-growing rise in office automation, which will reduce the number of office workers dramatically. Instead of fearing disastrous unemployment, we want to open the opportunity for all humans to do what they are best in, which relates to ingenuity. Ingenuity was never actively developed in any education system because, in the past, it was not essential to the development of society. Already in this decade, businesses may hire a staggering 100 million innovation managers. Very soon, we want to solve more problems than we could ever imagine, and we will need far more brainpower than we have available today.

Get to know us more

Because enterprises need to create groundbreaking innovations to stay relevant.

Homo sapiens built skyscrapers, cars, airplanes, rockets, computers, the internet, and a million other things that radically changed the way we do things. The number of such groundbreaking innovations is accelerating, and there is no indication or reason for slowing it down. We will one day conquer the universe to ensure the survival of our species and biological life as we know it. All we need to do is leverage the natural ingenuity that resides in many of us.

Be part of that innovation effort, no matter at what stage you are in today. Explore your customer’s dreams, make them a reality and scale them as far as you can.

Dream – Make – Scale

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Innovation Definition

Given the intensity of our work in the innovation space, we had to summarize a short definition we live by.

Innovation provides a groundbreaking elevation
in the way people do things and eventually becomes
the preferred option by its designated market.
Innovation usually disrupts an entire industry segment.
Improvements or inventions are not innovation.

P.S. There are over 100 definitions of innovation

Digital Presence

Neuro Innovation Technology discussions online

Neuro Innovation Technology Nomen Clature

  • We prefer the term Ingenuity over creativity
  • We focus on Disruptive Innovation, not on improvements
  • We are a Neuro Innovation Technology company
  • We offer a Neuro Innovation Management Platform
  • BlueCallom is a cloud-based solution
  • An innovation project we call “a BlueCallom
  • Our “Innovative Minds Series” are monthly webinars
  • Our “Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable” is a group of innovative thought leaders, by invitation only
  • Our first BlueCallom Conference my happen in spring 2022


BlueCallom AG
(Former Society3 Grp AG)
8008 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 (41) 511-2660

Reg.: CH-199.589.306

CEO: Axel Schultze

World Innovations Forum

BlueCallom is committed to donating 10% of its profit to the World Innovations Forum Foundation, helping innovative minds across the world to unleash their natural ingenuity for the good of all of us. The World Innovations Forum is specially engaged in creating awareness for the importance of innovation and the importance of stimulating and supporting the natural creative talent in all humans.