Global Sales Tech Festival 2024 – A Barcelona Day to Remember!

Global Sales Tech Festival 2024 – A Barcelona Day to Remember!

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The Global Sales Tech Festival, held in the vibrant city of Barcelona on February 25th, was an unforgettable event that showcased the cutting-edge of sales technology. This year, the festival proved to be an essential convergence point for thought leaders, startups, and innovators from across the globe, eager to explore the future of sales in our increasingly digital world.









One of the highlights of the festival was the array of engaging talks and presentations that covered a wide range of topics within the sales technology domain. The discussions were not only informative but also provided valuable insights into the current trends and future directions of the industry.

Among the numerous sessions, the “Women in Sales” panel stood out for its empowering message. It challenged traditional perceptions by stating, “We are not women in sales, we are salespeople – period.” Masha Imas, Melanie Taussig, Anne Paladini, and Reanna Leitaker celebrated the unique differences they bring to the field, emphasizing that these distinctions are not just acknowledged but embraced. This session, with its focus on the unique strengths and perspectives women bring to the field, was particularly inspiring.

The festival was also a melting pot of innovation, featuring impressive startups from various countries. These emerging companies are now making Spain their home, contributing to its growing reputation as a hub for international business and technology.

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A significant moment for me personally was presenting our case study on “Managing corporate AI prompt development and distribution with GPTBlue” and how Generative-AI is revolutionizing sales and, more specifically, indirect sales. Our exploration spanned industries from financial services to real estate and technology, all leveraging Generative-AI through BlueCallom’s GPTBlue platform to enhance efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, their bottom lines. The case study highlighted a remarkable 22x average productivity gain across employees and the seamless integration of thousands of business partners, all without compromising data security or IT integrity. GPTBlue’s comprehensive prompt development system, measurable productivity, corporate data integration, and AI-Net Builder capability have set new standards in the application of Generative-AI in business. The feedback was enlightening; attendees were particularly intrigued by our unique user interface, which garnered more interest than the AI technology itself.

The choice of venue reflected the innovative spirit of the event, bringing together a business center, hotel, and co-working space under one roof, facilitating seamless interaction among attendees. Barcelona, with its international charm and welcoming atmosphere, was the perfect host for the festival. The city has indeed transformed into a cosmopolitan and friendly hub, ideal for such an international gathering.The omnipresence of AI discussions highlighted its critical role in sales’ future, with a clear divide between those who view AI as a threat and those who see it as an opportunity for empowerment and growth.

The Global Sales Tech Festival was a remarkable experience that not only provided insights into the latest sales technologies but also offered a platform for networking, learning, and celebrating the progress of the sales industry. The event showcased how technology is reshaping the sales industry, spotlighting the immense potential of AI as a tool for innovation and growth. Likewise, it underscored the significance of embracing AI to enhance productivity and competitiveness in the sales domain. A special thanks to Mario Paladini and his team for orchestrating such a successful event. Their dedication and hard work brought together leaders, innovators, and startups from across the globe and made this festival celebration of progress! The event was a vivid reminder of the power of technology to transform sales, making it an exciting time to be part of this ever-evolving field. See you next year!

Global Sales Tech Festival 2024 – A Barcelona Day to Remember!


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