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Corporate Innovation Readiness Check

For established businesses with more than 500 employees

Companies spend millions in innovation efforts with very little results. Consider a Readiness Check before you invest.

  • Do you have the right team composition and people with the right talents?
  • Do you provide enough motivation and education that unfolds ingenuity?
  • Does your team have a strategic direction on who they innovate for and why?
  • Are the processes and innovation methods up to par with top innovators?
  • Do you go beyond experimentation and ensure market readiness?
  • Are you aware of the budget necessities for genuine innovation?

If innovation readiness is ensured, there are countless opportunities to get to groundbreaking innovation.

How the Corporate Innovation Readiness Check works

  • You are representing a corporation with more than 500 employees.
  • You complete the questions in the 12 innovation success relevant topics and submit the form. You will get a confirmation email.
  • Some of our innovation experts will review the results and provide you with a report of the findings and rankings.
  • You may also get a PRO Analysis. In this case, we ask you to still complete the readiness check first. We will review and arrange for an interview date. The interview will be conducted online and may include up to two calls. Thereafter you will receive a complete Innovation Readiness Assessment Report.

You will receive

  • A general statement about general innovation readiness
  • A dedicated heatmap with the most burning areas of improvement
  • An innovation type related report or suggestions related to:
    • Market-Facing Product Innovation
    • Service Innovation
    • Customer Experience Innovation
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Operational Innovation

Note: We use the term “Innovation” as groundbreaking shifts or disruptions that change how users perform work or how an industry segment conducts business. Improvements are not considered innovations.

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The Corporate Innovation Readiness Check is designed for larger and well established corporations. For startups and small businesses please contact us.
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Where do you see your company.
YesIn progressNo / not really
Is there a clear innovation mandate from the CEO
Do you have a formal innovation team
Do you have a clear demarcation between innovation and improvement?
Did you created a clear definition what is innovation?
Do you differentiate between Innovation and R&D?
How Is your innovation effort relative to your competition improving?


Not yetPlanning stageIn developingYes, for 1-3 yearsYes for more than 3 years
Are your C-Level Executives committed to innovation?
Is there a career program to recruit Innovation teams?
Do you have an innovation culture?
Is there a defined skillset innovation teams must have?
Do you have direct access to your C-Level executives?
Consider it relative to the effort, budgets and results so far.


Not yetPlanning stageIn developmentYes, for 1-3 yearsYes for more than 3 years
Do you have an innovation strategy in place?
The strategy is available to every department head be
Customers / users are part of that strategy
Business partners are part of that strategy
The strategy includes defined target areas of innovation
The strategy provides budget and time allocations
The strategy includes motivation and rewards
The strategy provides guidance for compliance questions i.e. customer involvement
The strategy provides guidance for brand considerations


Qualification, degree of diversity, size
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Your innovation team works full-time - has no other tasks
The team is dominated by experts and specialist with a few other backgrounds
Do you involve customers and partners in the innovation process?
Consider it relative to the needs for true innovation.


What methods do you use if any. how successful....
Not for usIn evaluationWe have positive experienceWe had no good experience
No specific methods are used
We purposely experiment without using any methods
We developed our own method
Experience with design thinking, stage-gate, Horizon, TRIZ or others .


Not yetPlanning stageIn developmentAgreeStrongly Agree
Success is when an innovations gets approved and funded
Do you use innovation process specific KPIs?
Do you track time, budgets and resources?
If you track successes, is it easy?
Consider it relative to what you think is needed.


What is your current model?
Not interestingExploringPart of our innovation effortOur main innovation effortCurrently not possible
We are scouting ideas
We are trying to develop our own ideas
Wo don't look for ideas but try to solve big problems
We collaborate with Universities to develop ideas
We try/do acquire startups
We are currently focus on improvement
We are determined to develop breakthrough innovations
Consider it relative to the needs for genuine innovation.


Are your customers or customer advisory board involved in the innovation effort?
Not yet - N/APlanning stageIn developmentCurrent practicePractice for more than 3 years
Customers are involved in the innovation process
We have special customer engagement programs
We have a customer advisory board
Consider it relative to the needs for genuine innovation.


What methods do you use if any.
Not yetPlaning stageIn developmentCurrent practicePractice for more than 3 years
We involve customers in idea validation
We validate ideas with customers before we even build a prototype
We test and validate ideas primarily internally
Consider it relative to the risk for investment failures and the risk for missing an opportunity?


It's one of the biggest reasons for innovation failure
Current practiceIn developmentNot available - N/A
Budget below $1 Million or not specific
Ranging from $1 to $10 million
Ranging up to $100 million
Can range up to $1 Billion or more
Budgeting from idea to POC
Budgeting from idea to market entry
Budgeting from idea to global scaling


What methods do you use if any?
Not yet - NAPlanning stageIn developmentCurrent practice
This is not the innovation team's responsibility
We provide some ideas to the respective sales and marketing groups
Once a solution is approved, the innovation team takes it to market


Have you delivered any breakthrough innovations so far?
Not our responsibilityworking on itWill soon introduce a first innovationAchieved this stage
None yet
Brought one or more improvements / gradual innovations to market
Created breakthrough innovation and successfully brought it to market.
Disrupted an industry segment
Do not include general improvements in your rating.



You can always go to the PRO assessment later on.

FREE (Default)

You will get a summary with a rating for each major aspect for free (no credit card needed).

  • You will receive a unique Innovation Readiness Summary for your business.


This service provides a more detailed analysis and involves an interview with your head of innovation.

  • Innovation Readiness Assessment Report of approximately 25 to 30 pages.
  • Detailed suggestions for each item – and what to do to achieve 100% readiness
  • Timeline suggestion to complete readiness
  • Suggestions for internal organization alignments
  • Executive summary for your c-level management
  • Peer group comparison
  • Fee: based on organization complexity, starts @ € 4,500