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Innovation Thought Leaders

Innovative mids with the desire to advance innovation in general


The idea emerged from individual discussions with innovation thought leaders and became a quarterly event. It’s a networking event with the added value of taking some concrete ideas, advice, or inspiration home and applying it. The main purpose is to advance in innovation development and bring innovative solutions successfully to their designated audience. Leaders can participate as a speaker contributing to the conversation or as just a listener to the exchange.

So far, innovation leaders from Bosch, BP, Cisco, BASF, Bayer, Dormakaba, DPD, Johnson&Johnson, Microsoft, NGK Japan, Nissan Motors, Novartis, Philip Morris, Rexel, Roche, SAP, Sony, SV Group, Voest have been part of the previous meetings.

We share and explore the best ways to innovate.

This event is hosted by our CEO, Axel Schultze

Next Innovation Thought Leaders Roundtable

Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

13:15 – 14:30 CET (Europe)

Topic: The new innovative enterprise generation
What is the future of enterprise innovation?

BlueCallom innovation thought leader roundtable


Innovation – an exceptional event today will become the new normal tomorrow. With a radically new understanding of how our brain composes ideas, the process of creating breakthrough solutions is soon as standard as creating improvements today. With a deeper understanding of an innovation timeline, budget requirements, organizational requirements, and talent requirements, innovation is no longer a one-time incident in the life of a company but an ongoing business process.

However, over the course of the next 10+ years, we will learn a lot of new methods from neuroscience, technology, and behavioral psychology to build significant innovations that shape the world like we can’t imagine today. Massive energy generation will come not only from small startups but from global enterprises with all their resources and power, entering existing and new markets. Ultra-High-Speed transportation providers will boom in so many new ways that older transportation industry members will need to adapt fast, get absorbed, or potentially even go out of business. Such a dynamic will be seen across all industry segments. It will denote the end of protectionism where individual inventors were suppressed by ego-centric enterprises. 

Innovation Thought Leaders from any industry, any nation anywhere in the world are welcome to join and share experiences, discuss challenges and opportunities and jointly explore ways to make innovation more viable, more predictable, more fundable, and more real.

Innovation Thought Leaders OBJECTIVES

We are NOT a group of Innovation Thought Leaders for a specific approach, method, technology, or any innovation belief system. The group’s purpose is to advance in the innovation space – together. We share and explore the best ways to innovate.


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