We are helping extraordinary customers shape the future. It takes a dream team to support them.

Open Career Opportunities

VP Enterprise Sales

helping enterprises to create breakthrough innovation.

Innovation is a CEO mandate. You will work with C-Level executives and help them make innovation success predictable.

BlueCallom’s neuroscience-inspired ideation method provides exceptional stimulation of breakthrough ideas. An AI-driven KPI Framework, measuring hundreds of innovation success indicators and making innovation success predictable. There are future innovations that can only be done by enterprises. Corporations and their investors need to decide whether they contribute to the economy and their industry by producing products or leading by innovation.

You will work with some of the most innovative minds.

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VP Marketing

Attracting innovative enterprises

We are looking for a visionary, yet success-oriented VP of Marketing. Bringing BlueCallom to a new level through intelligent, provoking, compelling, polarizing, and attractive communication. Attracting customers, partners, and talents. BlueCallom is an extraordinary company with significant investments in neuroscience. artificial intelligence, cloud-based computing, and methodology development, to amplify the capability of the human brain and make innovation predictable.

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Marketing Communication Manager

Creating compelling stories

A marketing-driven communication and network talent. Talent to us is somebody who has natural abilities. You are a born communicator and networker. We are looking for a talent who is really good at turning complicated explanations into stories that are easy to understand. Your ability to communicate makes a difference.

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AI Architect & Developer

Build the most predictable innovation and business transformation management solution.

Innovation is a non-linear process that most believe is not a process at all. We are building a solution that has never been done before. We go ways that have never been explored and decided to re-think the act of innovation and problem solving from the ground up.

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Help innovation teams apply neuroscience discoveries and become more predictable in their innovation effort.

As a BlueCallom neuroscientist, you help innovation teams apply the Deep Innovation Design method and the use of the laterally organized BlueCallom software. You will help customers understand lateral thinking, the Deep Innovation Design methodologies, the necessary software support, and Innovation KPIs, and deliver the respective training classes. During implementation projects, you assist the implementation manager with your expertise.

Success means that our customers delivered a groundbreaking innovations to their respective markets.

Hiring Process

Open opportunities at BlueCallom

Open Job Opportunities

As we are serving the most demanding customers in the world. With BlueCallom, enterprise customers can for the first time create groundbreaking innovation in a predictable way. That involves exceptional talents, not just some resources. Therefore our hiring process may take 2-3 months.

(1) Initial Application

We are very much looking forward to getting to know you. Please do NOT send us any resumes. Your experience and successes should be on LinkedIn and that is enough for us.

(2) Interviews (online and onsite)

If the initial application review is positive, we will invite you to a first video interview. We are interested in your skills but mostly in your soft skills. We have several video interview stages and the last interviews will be conducted in person in our office in Zürich.

(3) Decision and offer

Once you and we feel this will be a super successful future for both of us, we will send you an offer, a copy of a plain contract, and some suggestions for the terms. Now it will be up to you to decide.

(4) On-boarding

When you start you will obviously meet the entire team if not done before and you will write down and present your strategy going forward in your position.

(5) Benefits

The benefits of a startup are very different from any corporation.

To learn more about our unique hiring process please visit:  Detailed Hiring Process

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Open opportunities at BlueCallom