Ingenuity Cup 2021 |
Award Ceremony

A global innovation competition with the goal to create groundbreaking innovations in 40 days.

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The seminars/ webinars are truly the best  way to get a great overview of what the Innovations Paradigm is all about. Here you get the most important concepts about why it is so important to understand how our brain creates ideas and how they can be developed to highly innovative concepts and further brought to disruptive business models. You hear about the circular model of innovation from the spark of an idea to global market success – and why companies like Tesla, Uber, Computer 2000, AirBnB could shape the way the respective industry segments change the way to do business – and no influence from existing market leaders.
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To get a more guided training on applying the techniques and methods, we are providing dedicated workshops. We offer 2- or 5-day company specific workshops in your facilities. Those workshops are provided by Innovations Paradigm Experts.
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To meet other Innovation Paradigm friends and supporter, please check out the LinkedIn group: linkedin.com/groups/12307896/ and the World Innovations Forum Foundation Community: wiforum.org


In 2020 we are developing our network of authorized partners. The partners will be trained to perform a full circle implementation of the Innovations Paradigm for corporate customers.
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If you need any assistance, have any questions, please contact us any time.