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Whitepapers & Case Studies

As we progress we provide whitepapers and case studies for various topics. If there is any need for specific papers or you have a story to share, please get in touch with us.


Here you will find our Whitepapers.

Case Studies

Here are our Case Studies

Programs & Products

Innovation Readiness Check

Details on why companies should complete an Innovation Readiness Check, types of reports, and the 12 Innovation Success Relevant Topics. Take the Self-Check and Get advice.

Product Brochure

Details about the purpose, benefits, functionality, and value proposition for BlueCallom DEEP.

Events & Webinars

The events/webinars are truly the best way to get a great overview of what BlueCallom and the Deep Innovation Design method are all about. Here you get the most important concepts about why it is so important to understand how our brain creates ideas and how they can be developed into highly innovative concepts and further brought to disruptive business models. You hear about the circular model of innovation from the spark of an idea to global market success – and why companies like Tesla, Uber, Computer 2000, AirBnB could shape the way the respective industry segments change the way to do business – and no influence from existing market leaders.

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Innovation Leadership for C-Level and Board Members


Innovation Leadership for C-Level and Board Members

In this Innovative Minds event, our CEO and founder of two companies today in the billion-dollar range will talk about the little yet defining differences and why looking at startups and how they work makes absolutely no sense. Copying startup behavior, creating fancy innovation labs, and organizing playful innovation sessions, while top unicorns fight with relentless execution to become no.1 in a market, are some of the reasons for not being successful.

BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy

400 Million businesses are competing for the best innovation managers. 20% of them will create 100 Million Innovation Management positions by end of this decade. This will represent the largest number of new jobs ever created within just 1 decade.

Creating awareness for this shift and educating people will be the biggest challenge. BlueCallom decided to expand its education program beyond customer training and offers training to become an innovation team member or manager independent of the technology we are offering.

Visit the Academy Home.

Academy Brochure

Full list of BLC Academy courses and details about the Academy.

Certified Deep Innovation Design Master (BCDM)

Here you will find more information about upcoming training dates and the Program.

Certified Deep Innovation Design Team Manager (BCDT)

Here you will find more information about upcoming training dates and the Program.

Certified Deep Innovation Design Executive (BCDE)

Here you will find more information about upcoming training dates and the Program.


BlueCallom is looking for business partners who understand their customers’ pressure to innovate and the need for a systematic and success-oriented approach. To support the various needs of our customers we are looking for different types of partners who are either specialized in certain areas or offer a complete implementation service:

  • Training Partners
  • Consulting Partners
  • Market Development Partners
  • Implementation Partners

For more about partnerships, please visit Becoming a Partner.

Innovation Paradigm

Innovations Paradigm gives stunning new insights, methods, examples, and guidance to innovative thinking, and consciously created disruption. The author, Axel Schultze, CEO of BlueCallom draws from the latest discoveries in neuroscience, experiences from top innovators, and research of disruptive business model behavior.

Visit Innovation Paradigm to order your copy.


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