Game-changing Innovation – Copenhagen Innovation Summit

Show-time in Copenhagen !!!  The Innovation Roundtable ApS company is organizing an Innovation Summit, May 10-12, 2022. And we can’t wait to join them. A good time and place to meet with the Innovation Industry. A three-day interactive conference with approximately 600 innovation executives and managers. BlueCallom is excited to be a partner for the Summit contribute and share experience, organize a round table about Innovation KPIs, and talk about an innovation case.

Game-changing Innovation – Making Innovation Success Predictable

Today, innovation success predictability is still a dream for most executives. It took BlueCallom four years to find ways, algorithms, data, processes, and mechanisms to get to a prediction model that is garnered by an AI system and doesn’t require the innovation teams to drown in administrative work and reporting. But also we are just at the beginning. In the past six months, we found a stunning data correlation between innovation success and the cognitive abilities of the team. We recognized time is more than money and that a breakthrough innovation concept is done in four weeks or most likely never.

At the Copenhagen Innovation Summit, the BlueCallom team is hosting a round table to discuss the most important needs and opes from innovation executives to perfect a system that is mainly for C-Level executives.

Also, we will be officially launching our next-generation innovation solution BlueCallom DEEP-II with its game-changing AI-driven Intelligence Augmentation technology. Incorporated into this new technology is BlueCallom’s new Innovation KPI Framework that is centered around the Innovation Success Indicator (ISI), one KPI that indicates innovation success. Also, you can explore two of our brand new services (1) Method Migration Service –  from Design Thinking, StageGate, or Horizon to BlueCallom (2) Incubation & Hatch program for enterprises – how to structure your own successful incubator program.

To get a glimpse before the summit into the BlueCallom Innovation KPI Framework and mother of all Innovation KPIs attend our online event on April 5th at 11 AM CEST. We will take you on a journey on how AI helped us to create a massive KPI framework analyzing over 20,000 data points to predict the possible success of an innovation engagement in real-time. For more details and registration, visit Mother of all Innovation KPIs.

What to expect

BlueCallom will be visible at the Copenhagen Innovation Summit in many different forms. In the event hall, you can find our booth where our dream team is open to all your innovation questions and inquiries. Attend our Track talk presentation where our CEO, Axel Schultze will present on the Innovation KPI Framework and how one of our customers adapted it towards their business. You can get involved in the conversation by joining our Innovation Roundtable on May 11th where you can discuss should we have a free-flow innovation system or a process & KPIs, or both? Outside of these events, our BlueCallom team members are always willing to set up individual meetings to discuss your specific requests, provide personal demo presentations, or just general peer-to-peer innovation exchange.

Meet with us

Interested in learning more about BlueCallom, receiving a personal demo, or taking a lounge break with our CEO? Let us explore how we can help you best either at our booth or in our private executive space. Visit our Copenhagen Innovation Roundtable® Summit page and complete the meeting registration form.

About the Copenhagen Innovation Summit

WHERE: Copenhagen, Denmark

WHEN: May 10-12, 2022

The Copenhagen Innovation Roundtable® Summit is a three-day interactive conference with peer-to-peer exchange and learning on key innovation topics and challenges. Innovation takes effort and transformation. As a partner of the Summit, we understand the importance of the exchange of ideas to push the limits of what is possible. BlueCallom will be in attendance to demystify innovation and empower teams to perform beyond even their own expectations. Whether it’s in the event hall, at our roundtable session, in the executive lounge, or at the scheduled Track Talk, BlueCallom’s dream team is ready to learn more about your innovation experiences, questions, and challenges. We are showing game-changing innovation with our AI-driven Neuro Innovation Management Solution, making innovation success predictable.

Please join us?

This three-day event is open exclusively to innovation professionals in large multinational companies. Click below for a 20% early bird discount. When registering, don’t forget to answer “BlueCallom” to the question “How did you hear about / were invited to the Summit?”

Copenhagen Innovation Roundtable® Summit Online Registration

*Link for BlueCallom friends with a 20% discount.

We looking forward to seeing you at the 2022 Cophenhagen Innovation Summit.

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