GPTBlue Update April 2024.1

BluePrompt – a new strategic technology for more sophisticated business prompts
Prompt IP Protection – and Open Source options when distributing prompts
Intelligent Prompt Distribution – ensuring recurring revenue  for prompt authors
Prompt Cost Estimation – Approximate cost calculation prior to prompt execution
Recurring Revenue for Prompt Authors – Prompt authors now determine their own price
Autosave feature – BlueCallom Prompt studio follows user suggestions.


GPTBlue Update April 2024.1As you know, we see prompts becoming the most strategic Mind-Machine-Connectors. As such it became a strategic Technology at BlueCallom. Prompts are the foundation for Neuro-AI-Fusion and the smallest common denominator in a business task.

Some prompt objects in BlueCallom are unique to our platform. For instance, you can edit the response of the GPT system. This is currently only possible in BlueCallom. Over time we see many more of those enhancements. To make it more visible and also make clear that those prompt objects would not work on a Chat system like ChatGPT, we flag those objects as “BluePrompt Objects” and flag the prompts as BluePrompt. You can see them in the library with the little brain icon in your personal library.
The unique BluePrompt features include:
– Function Calling
– Custom Models
– Iterative Prompts
– Data Handling
As we advance with our technology we will add further intelligent prompt objects.
Already in the next few weeks, we will add “Expiring Prompts”, “Prompt Tags” and “Fixed Data Prompts”. Later this year you will get a series of far more complex BluePrompts for more sophisticated tasks.
1) You get additional power from BluePrompts that is not available by only using a chat system
2) You still have the underlying power of Open AI’s GPT model which we are using
3) The BluePrompt Architecture is designed so that your data will never be stored at any LLM


GPTBlue Update April 2024.1Prompts get sold for pennies by the hundreds. This is great to start but not a sustainable model for high-quality business prompts. At BlueCallom no prompt will be visible to the end user unless the Prompt Author decides to make it available as Open-Source Prompt. When you started with BlueCallom GPTBlue, all prompts were protected, you could share it with anybody by simply deploying the prompt on a public library or share it individually. So your Prompt IP was protected from day one.

As of today, you can make prompts Open-Source. This is not just great for collaboration with more people, but also help your clients understand how prompts get designed and inspire them to more sophisticated prompts. Moreover, you can share open-source prompts to show people what it takes to make high-performance, high-productivity prompts. Such an insight will put the build or buy question in a whole new light.

From our own experience, one of the most sophisticated prompts we built was for a financial services organization and it saves them approximately €15 to 20 Million each year. Four people including a high caliber financial industry consultant worked for three days on eight different prompts that had been combined into one. Our IP is protected and pricing had to be quite different.

Another experience was during the last three GPTBlue Boot Camps. Attendees needed to know what is inside the prompts we shared and the sharing was cumbersome. Now we can share those prompts as open Source and the can use it right away to learn from.
1) The IP protection is an obvious value. Not only for Prompt Authors but also for any organization as the prompt content is only known to a small group of prompt authors. The internal IT data security risk is still very present.
2) The Option to make a controlled Open Source version of prompts, is a great benefit when content shall be shared, used for education, or collaboration.


Intelligent Prompt PackageAnother strategic technology we are introducing in GPTBlue Update April 2024/1, is “Intelligent Prompts”. With this new release, you distribute prompts with a unique URL. With that, the prompt carries the author’s name and the user status with it. That way a user, who “finds” such a prompt in the public can execute it. Those prompts are by default protected so nobody can see the inner workings of your prompt. Yet the author will know that a new user uses the prompt and will be paid its commission.
Moreover, if a person who is not yet a user finds such a prompt and activates their new account, the referral key is also activated so the author gets a referral fee and the new users an additional bonus.
Imagine you create prompts and share them freely on the Internet. As soon as somebody likes it and uses it, not only you get the commission for the use, you also meet your customer digitally. And the user can provide feedback that will be routed to you, no matter how many partners or people may have been in between that transaction.
1) You can now share any prompt on the internet and will be paid for any execution of that prompt.
2) The new intelligent prompt distribution is for Open Source prompts as well as IP Protected Prompts.

BlueCallom IO

GPTBlue Update April 2024.1In the GPTBlue Update April 2024.1 release, users will see an average prompt cost based on the prompt cost history. That way the user will know the approximate cost before they start it. Some of our more complex prompts, when using our internal Function Calls cost already ~5,000 coins, which is €1.50 without any premium.
With this new step – we make another leap in prompt cost transparency.

More Prompt Cost Transparency 
Creating a prompt is no rocket science. On the other hand just slapping together some questions won’t do the Generative AI  justice. The perceived savings of millions of Euro/Dollar/Franks does not quite come for free, but still with an instant ROI.
Prompt Authors in particular the most creative ones won’t be able to do prompts for pennies and cents.
1) You won’t be surprised by the cost of the prompt execution. And as prompts will soon make quite some leaps in cost, it is important to have that cost under control.
2) As prompt cost will rise with the significant quality improvements prompt analytics will need data that we deliver.

BlueCallom Studio

Another cool feature of the GPTBlue Update April 2024.1 release is the ability of prompt authors to set a premium for their development work. That premium is paid every time a prompt is executed. Obviously those prompts are not kitchen recopies or email text writer prompts but those who develop complete business models, making a sound cashflow analysis, interacting with CRM or ERP systems and more. Usually it even takes some BluePrompts to make the function work so that customers pay the premium. At present the premium is between 1 cent and €/CHF 1,500 or equivalent currency.
The beauty of all those prompts is the ability to calculate the prompt productivity. The calculation is still the same. An estimated time the manual task would take of the 10 seconds for running the prompt and maybe a minute or two to fill in the required content.
1) Prompt Authors won’t need to “sell” their prompts but make them available in a pay-per-use model
2) Prompt Consumers won’t need to sign up for system subscriptions but only pay as they use it and gain productivity
3) Companies won’t need to go for complicated budget planning as a prompt must deliver an instant ROI and can be measured and compared with the cost
4) In this circular economy on the digital front, Prompt Authors are incentivized to maintain their prompts and increase their value over time. Moreover they get feedback from their users so they are so close to the market – like with no other product.

BlueCallom Studio

We received several requests from power users to make saving prompt objects easier. Thanks for the request and here is the new solution and already implemented in the current release:

When in the BlueCallom Studio, you can switch “Auto Save” at any time on or off.
When autosave is “ON”
No need to manually save any entry. It is saved automatically as soon as you leave the input field.
Suggestion: If you edit an important prompt, keep autosave OFF (see below).
When autosave is  “OFF”
You save the prompt title and description with a separate save button as this is not part of the actual prompt. Then you can select any of the Prompt Objects and save manually one after the other or all together or any variation.
When EDITING a prompt you may use “Reload Page” as an emergency exit for when you are not sure whether all the changes you made are really good or you where distracted. The changes are only saved when you hit “save”.
1) You wanted it we built it – this is probably the biggest benefit
2) Now you know we listen and respond – and we will try very hard to keep it that way.

The next update GPTBlue Update April 2024.1 is already around the corner 🙂
Those who join the upcoming GPTBlue Boot Camp will see the Roadmap for 2024
GPTBlue Update April 2024.1

Thanks you all. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Feel free to post your response here in the comments.

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