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About exactly a year ago, I discussed with somebody who stated that prompts will go away when the AI becomes much smarter. He was very certain. It is definitely a possible outcome, why not? The capabilities of AI will rise beyond today’s imagination. And we already have AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brain

Will AI be so intelligent that prompts go away?

I was thinking about that possibility every once in a while. At the same time, we developed ever more complex prompts. Moreover, we developed tools to create the much-needed high-performing and highly productive prompts that Generative AI can create. While I saw the prompt business rise, I also saw the first signs of frustration. The generative AI didn’t deliver. It hallucinated. The results were not accurate enough. And countless other arguments. But when looking very carefully at the prompts it was more like a red flag that said already 100 years ago “GARBAGE IN – GARBAGE OUT’. It was the point when I believed that AI should indeed get smarter.

A bit of history. The first time I played with a Large Language Model was already about 50 years ago. I had a fascinating dialog with ELIZA, written by Joseph Weizenbaum. I must admit I couldn’t grasp the concept of the LLM part. But Garbage In garbage out was a very well-known issue. 🙂 So didn’t we learn anything? Oh yes, we did – more than most can imagine even today. Because the quantum leap wasn’t even developed – it just happened in front of our eyes without notice.

AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brain

When I brought up with friends that we have “AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brain”,  they were shocked. And when I demonstrated this new technology some went pale. This direct connection allowed us to go straight into the other person’s brain and they could not do anything about it. It didn’t need wires, buttons on the scull, drugs, or anything like that. The direct connection worked with light or acoustic waves. OK – don’t kill yourself. This technique is more than 12,000 years old as our language matured.

When a baby cries you hear it and you can’t stop your brain from recognizing it. Acoustic signals are just there as they arise. When you see signs, especially text it will trigger your brain immediately – whether you like it or not. You read what I wrote here, and these light waves from the screen enter your brain until you decide you stop reading. On the contrary, when you speak to me or write to me, you reach my brain with the same brutally simple method.

And that is what we are using as straight and direct into an AI as well. I hope you recovered from the initial shock. With this foundational understanding of how our brain can communicate we can begin to understand the strategic importance of a prompt as we can send it and receive answers from the artificial brain that has neural functions very similar to ours. That powerful direct communication was never possible before – and it is the PROMPT that makes it so versatile.

PROMPT – The most strategic connection between mind and machine

AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brainIt is not the AI that needs the prompt or must get better with prompts. It is the human mind that needs to articulate what it really wants. Hundreds of thousands of books are written about success, career development, gaining happiness, and self-fulfillment… yet, the connection between the written word didn’t help even though many of those books offer great recipes. The reason is that most people cannot articulate just for themselves what they want. The same happens in business.

Removing all internal roadblocks

Envision a company with 1,000 employees. That company could probably gather 2,000 suggestions to optimize the organization and make amazing gains in productivity. But to figure out what are all those tiny, needy gritty things that just don’t work so well, it takes 2,000 perfectly articulated suggestions, ways to craft summaries, and then start solving them. NOW – IMAGINE PROMPTS can be structured to fill in the blanks, laser-sharp focus on the details, help the users to articulate a challenge, and iterate over it to improve the content. That is possible already today.

Driving Productivity

AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brain

167 x Productivity gain

Generative AI is said to be the most powerful tool in driving productivity. Is it really? Who has measured it? How can you measure it?  The answers were very success-relevant for ourselves and we did not trust any statistic other than what we could measure ourselves. So we created a very primitive but very efficient tool to do so: We know that a prompt takes on average 5 minutes to complete. That is 355 seconds to think about the answer or request and 5 seconds for the AI to respond. We also know that delegating a task is the number one key to getting things done through others. Yet you still need to carefully think about what you want. A research task for instance may take a week but 1/2 day continuous work. We focused on prompt productivity from day one. We did not use any prompts that didn’t provide at least a 10x productivity gain and most were in the range between 100 to over 1,000x  Our “productivity Meter” made it to our new version GPTBlue. Every single prompt can be measured by every user – not a statistic somebody wrote. And we will publicize the grand average across all prompts without having any source to protect the privacy of our users.

Prompt Development and Neuroscience

During our work on Neuro-AI-Fusion, when developing a system to help create breakthrough innovations on demand, we needed to understand how the brain is stimulated, how it can dive deeper into a topic rather than just firing a fast response, and so forth, we had to build 128 highly sophisticated Neuro-Prompts. Now we open up this can of worms for everybody. 🙂 Only together we can improve our Mind-Machine-API. Access to our brain is much easier than we think and we should use it as we can learn on steroids. For instance, it took me 2 hours to get an understanding of quantum entanglement to form a concept of quantum communication – no I have no physics degree and probably a very normal IQ at best. Like many, I don’t want to know my IQ because I fear it is way below average. AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brain is no myth and no magic. It is done through nature’s best and most sophisticated APIs: Ears, Eyes, and senses to manage a keyboard and a mouse.

The Prompt Value

The prompt is like your CV when applying for a job. Sloppy or well-written. With some background or a compelling story that no hiring manager can ignore.  Sharing what you together with your team achieved or just what you did day in and day out. Top CV writers make a fortune and so do top Prompt engineers.

Prompts are for humans
not for the AI 

Prompts will not go away. Prompts exist to give everybody access to leverage the power of generative AI no matter what your background or education is.

Prompt Engineers are the next-generation software developer. Prompts will get extremely sophisticated in the next 24 months and we see it every day in our work. Function Calls, Custom Models, Specific Prompt Structures, Prompt Clustering, Prompt-based Business Applications, Prompt KPI Frameworks, Prompt Transport networks, New Business Models, prompts driving edge computing and so-called agents.

GPTBlue Prompt Engineering Boot Camp

AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brain

GPTBlue Boot Camp

You may join us next week on Monday, Jan 29. 2024
from 13:00 to 17:00 when we introduce GPBlue V1

Please register to not only get access to the live session but also an access key to the application.
You will work hands-on with the new system, crafting productive prompts.
You can distribute them and charge for usage not for the prompt itself – like software.
And – we will show you how the AI prompts wireless straight into the brain 🙂


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