BlueCallom expands towards East

BlueCallom expands towards East


The East is the new west

Vietnam has been, in many ways, important for BlueCallom. It was in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), during a conference, where our CEO was asked very specifically, “How do you think? How to create disruptive ideas – Step by Step”. Two years later, in 2020, our first customer was Vietnam Airlines, which was excited about the new, neuroscience-based way of stimulating thoughts.

Business Partnership

We will start with two partners, one is BK-Holding Hanoi (North Vietnam), and another is Innovation Capital Network in Saigon (South Vietnam). All Vietnamese businesses will be managed together with our partners. BlueCallom is contractually committed to working with partners exclusively. The Vietnamese Market is strategically important and the first Market outside Europe.

Enterprise Innovation Development

another big part of the tour and future work in Vietnam is working with Vietnamese Enterprises to develop breakthrough innovations in their respective industries. We are conducting workshops and events to introduce BlueCallom’s innovative thinking concepts and methods manifested in the BlueCallom Innovation Framework.

Innovation Research Center

We are planning a Neuro Innovation Research Center in Vietnam in partnership with our World Innovations Forum Foundation and our Vietnamese Partners. The education level in Vietnam is excellent and it became another reason for BlueCallom to expand towards East. The idea is to create an innovation-focused neuroscience and AI research organization. This unique brain and AI research hybrid shall help us get closer to our Human Intelligence Augmentation effort.

BlueCallom expands toward the East.

We are expanding our geographic reach, establishing an international partner network, and investing in local organizations. The agility of the Asian market, particularly Vietnam, China, South Korea, and Japan, has long surpassed the western world. Decisions are made, execution is fast on the leadership level, and turning ideas into reality is a top priority. The times where Asian companies are copy-cats are long gone. They produce at a high precision level and improve faster. Now they invest billions into innovation.

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