GPTBlue Stardust Release Part 1: No-Code Custom Models

GPTBlue Stardust Release Part 1: No-Code Custom Models

 Welcome to GPTBlue Stardust Part 1. This first major release is ushering in a sophisticated no-code approach. Debates over no-code are as old as software development. Whenever it had a peak, a better and more sophisticated programming language entered the scene. But that is profoundly different today: The Programming Language is now our natural language. And this is where no-code really just starts. One of the really sophisticated projects that required data scientists to work on often for weeks are custom data models that are getting embedded into the holy grail of Generative-AI, the Large Language Model. 



We purposely made this very complex task our no-code starting point. Up until very recently, the barriers to implementing custom AI models have been high. It requires specialized data scientists, coding, and significant training time. 

With the GPTBlue Stardust release alone, custom data model insertion is done with a few clicks and the help of a specially trained AI function.

Data, the most valuable ASSET a company possesses

Corporate data is not just great information, it is one of the most valuable ASSETS a company possess – often without knowing. Company Data are more valuable than any machine, manufacturing hall or process. Today those Custom Data are as inaccessible as the iron core of planet earth.

Generative-AI can turn those data into Custom Models for Generative-AI and unfold a wealth of added knowledge, decision support, leadership support, predictability, and more. The GPTBlue Stardust release is a key driver in making those data accessible in an instant. Yes, data may be in a terrible condition, but even that can be cleaned up with the help of AI.

High Speed and Low Cost Like Never Before

The GPTBlue Date Model is one of the most advanced custom model handling systems worldwide. A 100-page document can be processed in about 5-10 minutes, and even a thousand-page document takes no longer than an hour. And it is completely done by an AI. Results are superseding any former manual work.
Equally important is COST. The processing cost for a 100 page document is at about €10 or less. 10,000 Documents can be processed in a week for approximately €50,000.

Precision and Control at Your Fingertips

Not only is the process faster, but the accuracy is also significantly improved. Our AI-driven training on GPTBlue has consistently outperformed traditional manual model fine-tuning. This means more reliable and precise models, ready to deliver actionable insights immediately upon completion.

Moreover, the no-code approach extends flexibility in how these models are deployed within your organization. You can define access controls with ease, deciding who can use the model—whether it’s a specific user, department, business unit, country, or even globally. This ensures that the right people have the right tools at their disposal.

Real-World Applications: 

ESG Compliance and Corporate Innovation

To illustrate the transformative potential of this technology, let’s delve into two noteworthy tests we’ve conducted.

ESG Compliance Report Quality

We uploaded a publicly available ESG compliance report (80 pages) and turned it into an AI-accessible model. By developing specific prompts, we could probe into various areas of the report, assess its quality, and make improvement suggestions. The results, verified by ESG experts, were met with excitement and astonishment at the depth and precision of the insights.

New Corporate Data Integration Process

Previously, creating a custom model took a data scientist one week of setup and training. With our new method, the same process took only seconds to upload the data e.g. 100 page document and 10 minutes for automated training through an AI-Routine. The alert “Training Completed” marked the model’s readiness, delivering far superior results compared to our earlier attempts.

The new Data Modeling System is Available Now.

The GPTBlue Stardust release is now available for everyone to test. One anchor functionality is the new Custom Modeling feature, we encourage you to test. See firsthand how it can transform your business operations. Here are two ways to test it on your own.



    Use the demo prompt, where a report was already uploaded and ask questions regarding the ESG Report. Here you find the publicly available Syngenta ESG report
    Just a few random items you want to assess:
    * Syngenta Fair Labor Program
    * Innovation in Agriculture and its Management Approach
    * GHG emissions and its Management Approach
    * Go to the GPTBlue IO, switch to “advanced” mode and make your own copy of the demo prompt.
    * You will automatically land in the GPTBlueStudio and have the prompt as source code accessible. You will notice it is on Auto Save, OpenSource, and Custom Model enabled.
    * Click on “Manage Model” and a popup page opens where you can upload your own document (PDF), see red arrow. Then click Save and Train. The AI accessibility may vary so it may take a bit when jobs are scheduled. It may take up to 10 minutes to train the model.
    * You will see the Training Status below, see blue arrow.
    * If you need to pass more documents to the same model, just add more to that same model.
    * If you have multiple models, select the one you want to retrain or remove., see green arrow.
    * You have different access levels within your organization, or you can make it public.



BlueCallom’s GPTBlue Stardust release represents a major leap forward in the world of Generative-AI, offering unprecedented ease of use, speed, and accuracy. By removing the barriers of coding and extensive training, we’re empowering businesses to leverage AI like never before. 

PART 2 and 3

In part 2, you can read about the transition from Prompts to Agents
In part 3, you can read about our new “In-App-Feedback”, the upcoming Enterprise Edition, and more features of this release.


You may want to create your own full version account. It is free and based on our business model it will remain free. This allows you to scale at enormous speed and not worry about excess license fees. You will receive enough CallomCoins for free to pay for usage. As you use it more often you only purchase coins to pay what you use it for.


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