GPTBlue Update N°3

GPTBlue Update N°3

Prompt History & Prompt Versioning – increasing robustness, transparency, and user control, while aiding developers in model improvement

Prompt Library Manager – seamlessly oversee prompt libraries, manage prompts, and control user and author permissions

Prompt Details and Actions in Public Library – manage prompts and their authors in the public library

Referrals and Connections – view and manage users you connected with via your referral links


The introduction of Prompt History and Prompt Versioning in GPTBlue is a commendable stride towards making AI tools more robust, transparent, and user-friendly. These features not only empower you by providing greater control and insight into your interactions with AI but also facilitate developers in enhancing the AI models more effectively. As we continue to integrate AI into various sectors, features like these ensure that we can do so with greater confidence and success.






  1. Enhanced Testing and Development: Developers can revert to or reference earlier versions to understand which changes have led to improvements and which have not. This can significantly speed up the development cycle, as effective solutions can be rapidly reincorporated or adapted.
  2. Benchmarking and Optimization: By comparing different versions, developers can set benchmarks for their AI’s performance. This is particularly useful in a studio setting where slight modifications can have significant impacts on the output.
  3. Documentation and Compliance: Keeping a thorough record of all versions aids in maintaining compliance with regulations that may require transparency in AI decision-making processes. It also serves as excellent documentation for project milestones and development phases.


The Prompt Library Manager provides administrators the ability to oversee the prompt libraries, manage the prompts there, and control both user and author permissions with ease. Key features include the capability to approve or reject prompt submissions to ensure content quality and relevance, as well as the authority to accept or deny author requests.







  1. Enhanced Content Control: Ensure that all library content aligns with your organization’s quality standards and relevance through robust approval mechanisms for prompts and author contributions.
  2. Streamlined Operations: Simplify the management of user roles and permissions, allowing for efficient oversight of who cancontribute and what they can access, which improves operational efficiency and reduces administrative burden.
  3. Collaborative Environment: Foster a collaborative and dynamic work environment by empowering authors with the tools to easily submit their work for review, while giving managers the final say in what content makes it into the library.


Enhance your interaction with the library’s content through the newly activated action icons in the Public Library section. These icons enable you to:

a) Download Prompts: Easily add any prompt to your personal library for quick access and use.

b) Identify Special Prompts: Special “BluePrompt” indicators are now visible. When selected, a pop-up explanation provides detailed insight about these prompts.

c) Engagement Metrics: View the number of likes each prompt has received, offering insights into its popularity and user engagement.


d) Sharing Capability: Share prompts with others by sending a direct link.

e) Visual Prompt Indicators: Prompts are now framed in distinct colors—blue for BluePrompts, gray for standard prompts, and orange for open-source prompts, making them easily identifiable at a glance.


  1. Control Over Prompt Quality: Maintain high standards for prompts by providing administrators with tools to manage and monitor content quality.
  2. Allowing to Review Prompts Before Publishing: Enable thorough review and evaluation of prompts before they go live, ensuring relevance and appropriateness.
  3. Authorizing Prompt Authors: Grant permissions to specific authors, allowing administrators to manage who can create and submit prompts, thereby ensuring content integrity.


This feature in your Profile Settings allows you to view and manage all the users you are connected with via referral links. You can easily see who has joined the platform through your invitations, enhancing your networking within the community. Additionally, exciting updates are on the horizon: within the next few weeks, we will be unveiling expanded capabilities that will deepen and broaden your connections…







  1. Upgraded Visibility: Keep track of your referral network in one convenient location, allowing you to review your connections easily.
  2. Enhanced Networking: Use this feature to grow your professional network on the platform, facilitating collaborations and interactions with like-minded users.


The next GPTBlue update is coming very soon! We are very grateful for all your support and engagement. Keep sending us your feedback, it helps us more than you know 🙂

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