Introduction to BlueCallom’s Conducted Prompt Writing Bootcamp

Why is our Prompt Writing Bootcamp relevant for you? The world will speak AI.

– The estimated worth of the global AI market in 2023 was approx. USD 100 billion.

– $14 trillion is the estimated economic gross value added by AI in 2035. (Accenture)

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field, changing the way businesses operate. It has already begun to impact various industries. Business professionals are interested in learning how to leverage the opportunity in their organizations. So, what is artificial intelligence? Simply put, AI is the process of programming a computer to make decisions for itself. This makes AI a vast and complex field, with many different applications and techniques. If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge in today’s business world, then this generative artificial intelligence online course may be the perfect option for you.

Is this course for you?

To capitalize on the value generative AI could bring to your business, you need the ability to appreciate its implications and the confidence to apply it in your teams and organizations. The AI Bootcamp provides you with the skills to include generative AI and prompt writing in your daily business. It equips you to develop a road map for implementation. We will discuss organizational implications and you will gain valuable insight to drive AI integration in business. 

Imagine: YOU will empower your team and employees to leverage AI within weeks!


Course Structure 

1. Introduction to Generative AI

Recap of Generative AI, its applications, and how it works.

2. Understanding Prompt Writing Parameters

Key parameters delivering results from generative AI models like GPT-4.

3. Approaches to Prompt Writing

Creating prompts that are specific, clear, and concise.

4. Introduction GPTBlue

Overview of GPTBlue, its features, and how it can be used for prompt engineering.

5. Hands-On Practice

Practice writing prompts and using GPTBlue. 

6. Q&A and Wrap-up Session


What you will learn

  1. High-Performance, High Productivity Prompt Development
  2. New Prompting Categories i.e. conditional and iterative prompts
  3. What business logic can you generate from prompting
  4. Business plan development and Complexity Displacement
  5. Prompt Distribution and GPTBlue Exchange
  6. Business with Prompt Engineering

Accelerate your journey into the world of AI with our Prompt Writing Bootcamp and gain the skills to leverage generative AI, empowering your team to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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