Your CV is of No Value – Here is Why.

When applying for a job at BlueCallom, you will find the same behavior in the World Innovations Forum and our previous companies. We ignore CVs for more than 15 years now. Interestingly enough, you find the same with Facebook, Google, and many others: “Your CV is of no value” to us. And since not only applicants but also peers are asking WHY, here is a more detailed answer.

Your CV is of no value to us.

  1. People can write in their CVs what they want.
  2. Some applicants even use a professional CV writer to do it for them.
  3. Employee references can even be legally enforced to be “positive” in some countries.

When lying is not only OK but enforced by law, the value gets down to zero. It’s even worse. We no longer can help applicants why we rejected them due to  “Political correctness” or worse, lawsuits due to XYZ discrimination (replace XYZ with virtually any reason) have turned employee protection into employee disadvantage.

Your skills are not mission-critical to us.

Skills are things you can learn. And well-developed skills are all too often hard to unlearn. We are an innovative company and a thought leader in the innovation space. What we do today was unthinkable yesterday and is of less value tomorrow. At BlueCallom, you will need to be a lifelong learner. In the interest of our future development, lifelong learning of our team is essential. To make that easier, we make learning part of your job. Whatever you did in the past is clearly important and is part of your “experience collection,” which gives you the repertoire for ideas and ingenuity. But any repeat job you did in the past is of no value to us. But ONLY if you are up to par with every aspect of today’s world. Hence, your CV is of no value.

Your decade-long experience is counterproductive.

Unfortunately, if you have 10+ years of experience with anything, we cannot afford to untrain your neuro pathways. Untrain and train new things is a massive effort, and we are not yet big enough to have the resources to take care of such a process. You may call it age discrimination because you know this is a great way out of needing to change, but it won’t help you here.  And therefore, the list of all the jobs and with it your CV is of no value.

We know, in the past 200 years, all the above, very much like your educational degrees, had been essential for your career. But not for us and maybe soon for other businesses. Your education trimmed you to learn and repeat, become good at something, and then develop it to perfection. In the last 50 years, knowledge has multiplied thousands of times, and right now, global knowledge doubles every 24 hours. Learning all that “knowledge” is obviously impossible – all you can learn is where to find it.

What are we looking for if the CV is of no value?

The next two decades will bring major employee advances.

In the next 20 years, we will experience office automation progressing as much as we have seen industrial automation in the past 50 years. Today there are rarely production facilities where thousands of workers march into the plant in the morning and out in the evening. Instead, today, we see long lines of cars leaving the office in the evening and going in, in the morning. Yet this is only because organizations have been evolving that way. In fully automated offices like ours, where customers automatically get their products and pay automatically, no office workers are needed.

We are looking for creativity/ingenuity.

We train our sales force to maximize individuality in customer interaction. They need to be creative, have an amazing attitude, a broad understanding and constantly help get our offering as close as possible to our customers’ dream solution. There is nothing to automate. Our marketing teams are constantly learning about the needs and dreams in the market, new tools, and new techniques. Our marketing needs to be as unique as it can get every day. We don’t repeat campaigns. Even though our product needs to be suitable for millions of innovators worldwide, each configuration, each function, each episode in the process needs to be a perfect fit for a perfect outcome. Each of our products will be definitely unique without being custom-made, which would make it unaffordable.

Talent, attitude, openness, and passion for making it a reality are what we are looking for. Everything else, every skill, can be learned by any average human. We know you can become what you envision to become, no matter what it is. A degree, CV, or deep experience wouldn’t make a difference. Please send us an email about why you are interested in joining the company, how you will make a difference, and share your LinkedIn URL. That’s it.

If a job at BlueCallom is not your absolute dream job

More than 50% retire with a bittersweet view when looking back. Sweet because they got used to what they do and are kind of ok. Bitter because they never had a chance to fulfill their dreams. Never had a chance? You have the chance to get your dream job but most likely have never been educated on making it a reality. We had let go of people or never hired them in the first place if we recognized such a situation. And we always helped them to pursue their dreams – as we did.

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