To innovate at peak performance:

Forget brainstorming; learn all about neuro ideation

Close your playground and execute relentlessly

Act like a unicorn, not like a playgroup

Your creative mind follows lateral processoes
All your business methods/systems are linear
This just can't produce disruptive results

Neuro Ideation will blow your mind

Deep Innovation Design KPI Framework
KPIs from 25,000+ data points
Lateral ideation is far better to manage

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Six areas where we make a difference

1) Neuro Ideation™

Neuro Ideation making all the difference in Innovation Managemen

The BlueCallom founders, after building four highly disruptive businesses, dared to question everything about innovation. They fused their own experiences with significant neuroscience discoveries. Creating the Neuro Ideation method led to a complete redesign of the act of innovation. The Deep Innovation Design model and corresponding technology were developed.

2) Ideation and Execution

Ideation and Execution with Innovation Management

Even the best process can’t make a weak idea successful. And the most innovative idea has zero value without relentless execution. The BlueCallom Equation: Groundbreaking Innovation (G) = Ideation (I) * Exponential Execution (E²). G=I E². The Idea “I” does not need to scale. But the execution (E) must scale exponentially to make the groundbreaking innovation “G” a reality. This can be verified with any disruptive business in the past. Deep Innovation Design is the first success-focused lateral innovation process.

Six Biggest traps

1) Brainstorming can never create groundbreaking ideas. It’s not how our brain works.

2) Part-time innovation teams can never bring any innovation forward.

3) An innovation team monoculture (only experts) must fail with 100% certainty.

4) Step-by-Step innovation management, processes, thinking, financing are doomed to fail from the get-go.

5) Innovation is no improvement, and there is no “mild” or “gradual” innovation. This becomes clear the moment a business is disrupted by real innovation.

6) Innovation is always built on the duality of ideation and execution. One cannot work without the other.

BlueCallom is built to alleviate those issues and significantly mitigate the risk of innovation failure.

3) Linear vs. Lateral Innovation Management

Linear versus Lateral Innovation Management

Our brain cells and neurons cannot create anything new from scratch. But they can compose innovative and disruptive ideas from past impressions and experiences. This is a lateral process. Unlike linear, step-by-step processes which are great to help perfect repeating tasks, lateral processes involve a high degree of “negotiation” in our bran, comparing and analyzing all kinds of experiences, which may be as fresh as now. We won’t give up on processes, which are a unique power of the human mind, but on the way, we construct them. 

4) Deep Innovation Design

Linear versus Lateral Innovation Management

Deep Innovation Design is an end-to-end, lateral innovation management process design. It starts with the innovation opportunity discovery, explores customer needs and dreams, leverages neuro ideation to get to groundbreaking ideas, validates the ideas in the market, gets through the innovation financing process, builds what needs to build, and brings the innovation into global markets. Each of those episodes in the innovation process is a laterally organized activity. No other innovation process is built for economic successes and has the full scope like BlueCallom. 

5) Innovation KPI Framework

KPI Framework for Innovation Management

The “BlueCallom KPI Framework” is an innovation data-driven solution. Besides budget monitoring, ROI estimation, and time-line monitoring, the system tracks hundreds of innovation process-relevant activities and events. For the first time, innovation confluence, idea validation, or degree of innovation is possible to measure in an early stage. More than 10,000 data points feed the KPI framework. Algorithms help to make sense out of all that data and represent them in a highly visual manner.