After Corona (Covid-19) there will rarely be anything as it was. The understanding of the fragility of our global economy, the huge digital divide, our ability to collaborate, and much more is changing right now faster than ever before. And there is no reason to go back. We are experiencing an amazing transformation and shift, […]

The Quest for more Innovation In the last five to ten years, pretty much any business and any government was pushing for more innovation. But if somebody was asked “How do I innovate? Tell me to step by step”, there was no tangible answer. When I was asked that very question, in particular, the “step […]

This is not quite our social style but the current situation requires a new discipline: Digital Interaction All Program Digital All our programs, workshops, seminars, our customer interaction, our support, and our customer meetings are 100% digital. All our upcoming online events are available HERE. Interested in our upcoming online workshops and seminars, you can […]

How about Innovator or Innovation Design Manager or Innovation Paradigm Executive? Find out what suits you best: The pressure to be more innovative is big. This pressure comes from various sources at the same time. Customers want better, easier, more useful solutions. Investors want to see the company they invested in more agile and more […]

  In the past four years, we were attempting to understand how innovation is actually created and analyzed how we were building startups that became ten years later billion-dollar companies. We were also exploring how other startups that became billion-dollar companies created their ideas and successes. We found striking insights about the difference in innovations […]

The Innovation Challenge Corporations of all sizes, older than 15 years are in jeopardy. It is NOT LACK INNOVATION as such, it is lacking the UNDERSTANDING HOW TO INNOVATE. TEST: Tell your teams to be more innovative. The response to the question may be: “Yes, we’d love to do that, but please teach me what […]

Our world brings even more new products to markets but some companies need to innovate or get disrupted. And the growing population and their different needs and desires add an extra layer of complexity to the new product world. Products get faster copied than ever before but at the same time adjusting to the local […]

Our First Accelerator Program When we launched our first Accelerator Program, in San Francisco in April 2014, little did we know that we may end up as an innovation development organization? While we had great successes helping our startups thrive, and were named one of the top 100 most influential accelerators in the world, already […]

The Growth Accelerator and the brand new Entrepreneurs Academy are now open for applications. Lots of news: Updated Growth Accelerator Program New Entrepreneurs Academy Partnership with World Innovations Forum Updated Growth Accelerator Program we added a new session INNOVATIVE THINKING based on our experience with “Disruptive Business Model Development”. It’s all about thinking out of […]

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