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Corporate Innovation Framework Training

Understand how innovation can be created in a repeatable, manageable, and predictable manner.



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Innovation Meta Strategy

Why is an Innovation Framework important, what does it do

Why is an Innovation Framework important?

  1. Innovation is one of the intellectually most demanding tasks our brain can perform. You will want to manage that task as good as humanly possible. 
  2. Engaging in innovation without a framework is like building a house without a plan. The Innovation Framework is the blueprint for intelligent innovations management.
  3. Only a solid Innovation Framework ensures innovation manageability and predictability

What is the BlueCallom Innovation Framework?

  1. It is the most comprehensive Innovation Framework available, designed around eight core clusters:
    – Base Principles of Innovation (10 key aspects)
    – Innovation Team Assembly
    – Innovation Budgeting
    – Metrics management
    – Innovation Meta Strategy (10 + 3 key aspects)
    – Deep Innovation Design Methodology (11 key aspects)
    – Non-Linear Innovation Process Model (3 key aspects)
    – Metrics & Innovation Specific KPIs (7 key aspects)
    – Innovation Organization Model (5 key aspects)
  2. Understanding the key aspects of Innovation is the base to  manageable and predictable breakthrough innovations.

Who is this for?

Business leaders responsible or interested in innovation, such as Innovation Managers, Team leaders, C-Level executives

If you want to know how innovation can be created in a repeatable, manageable, and predictable manner, these two days will change your understanding of innovation forever.

What you will learn

In this Enterprise Innovation Framework training you will learn the strategic importance of an innovation framework and how innovation is actually created in our brain and then executed throughout the innovation journey.

  1. Get familiar with the ten innovation success principles.
  2. With the understanding from the innovation principles and how the brain composes ideas, learn about the power of an Innovation Meta Strategy.
  3. Get to know the 11 episodes and their methodology in an innovation journey.
  4. Learn to appreciate a lateral thinking and process support during an innovation journey.
  5. Learn the most crucial cognitive abilities for selecting a top level innovation dream team.
  6. Learn to budget Innovation separate of any R&D budget
  7. Learn about innovation metrics and a powerful innovation specific KPI Framework
  8. Understand how the Innovation Framework leads to a healthy organization structure.

Training Agenda


  1. The Innovation Framework Design and its structure.
    Innovation Principles with 38 key aspects
  2. Those principles are independent of innovation direction, type, methods, or any other aspects. Innovation Principles are the foundation of any innovation. Its the Innovation DNA.
    1 Executive Commitment (3)
    2 Innovation Origin (2)
    3 Innovation Definition (3)
    4 Innovation Budgeting (2)
    5 Neuroscience Influence (3)
    6 Team Composition (4)
    7 Innovation Culture (8)
    8 Innovation Market Dynamics (3)
    9 End-to-End Innovation Execution (3)
    10 Innovation-Specific Metrics (7)


         Innovation Methodology with its 30 key elements

  1. Innovation Meta Strategy development. Lying a robust yet completely open structure for a strategy.
  2. Executive Innovation Mandate. The key to innovating is what is needed, wanted, and most likely funded within the enterprise.
    A way to defines Significance, Scope and Magnitude of any innovation project in the enterprise.
  3. End-to-end innovation journey that starts long before the initial ideas and finishes only once the innovation is successfully in the designated market
    – Innovation Opportunity Discovery
    – Needs and Dreams Analysis
    – Neuro Ideation
    – Idea Summit
    – Idea Validation
    – Innovation Financing
    – Solution Building
    – Innovation to Market
    – Exponential growth phase
    – Scaling globally
    – Innovation Continuum
  4. A nonlinear innovation process – the first lateral innovation. Laterality is helping you keep track of early concepts and also actions that shall happen in the future.


  1. Innovation Organization and its 18 key considerations
    – Imagine the end-to-end innovation process inside your organization
    – Organic incubation and hatch model
    – Innovation Leadership structure
    – Innovation Team Culture
    – Stakeholder management
    – Organization financing

How the Enterprise Innovation Framework training enhances your leadership level

Six areas where this program will make a difference to you:

  1. IDEAS – You will learn why ideas are never random and how a brain can be stimulated to create breakthrough ideas.
  2. STRATEGY – When creating a strategy for innovation, the innovation does not exist yet. you will learn what the Innovation Meta strategy does to create a strategy for an unknown result but for a strategic goal for the company.
  3. METHOD & TEAM – You learn about the power of a methodical effort with a unique team with specific cognitive abilities.
  4. BUDGET & KPIs – You will learn how to structure an Innovation Budget and how you can manage it with innovation specific KPIs. 
  5. ORGANIZATION – Learn to organize the entire innovation effort in a way that you can create a multi billion €/CHF/$ outcome.
  6. RESULTS – You learn what you can expect from a team and how you can help ensure exceptional innovation results

Your Instructors

The BlueCallom instructor team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the finest learning experience based on practical and theoretical expertise.

Matthes Fleck, instructor for Innovation Executive - BCIE Training

Axel Schultze

CEO and Senior Innovation Expert

Prof. Matthes Fleck

Senior Innovation Expert

Enterprise Innovation Framework Training Details & Application

ID 205710

  • 2 days of instructor-led online training
  • 7-hour sessions each day
  • Max. 20 attendees

At present day, all our training are conducted online. BlueCallom is professionally connected via ultra-high-speed fiber connections to the Internet. We are using HD cameras and professional audio equipment.
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