Exploring the Frontier of Human and Machine Intelligence


Join the BlueCallom Team at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2023

On the brisk morning of November 30th, Basel will not just awaken to the usual calm of the Rhine’s flow or the distant Jura Mountains’ silhouette. It will stir the pulse of innovation at the Swiss Innovation Forum exhibition with BlueCallom stepping beyond the bounds of the conventional, into a realm where neuroscience and artificial intelligence converge to unveil a new era of Human Intelligence Augmentation.

The BlueCallom team invites you to witness this revelation with BlueCallom’s  “Neuro-AI-Fusion” application in action.” Imagine a world where the mind and machine meet, not with the invasiveness of yesterday’s science fiction but through a connection as seamless as thought itself.

This isn’t just a glimpse into the future; it’s a stride into a reality where drilling into the human skull to unlock the brain’s potential is a mere echo of the past.

What Awaits You in Basel at the Swiss Innovation Forum from BlueCallom?

1) The Essence of Disruption: Dive into the mechanics of generative AI and discover how today’s innovation isn’t just a stroke of genius but a repeatable process. What does it take to construct the next industry titan? How do we craft a team poised for breakthroughBlueCallom Innovation team users and managers get intelligently guided through the End-to-End, Deep Innovation Design processes, with its over 100 innovation success critical tasks.s? BlueCallom answers these questions, unraveling the layers of intelligence that power innovative minds.

2) Transformative Trajectories: Your journey through the business landscape is about to get a quantum leap with AI. Regardless of your industry, witness how operational efficiency can soar to unprecedented heights. We’re talking about a transformation that reshapes everything from market research to ideation to decision-making, all while significantly cutting costs.

Meet the Visionaries: Amidst the exchange of ideas, BlueCallom’s CEO, Axel Schultze, will take the stage, delving into the intricacies of “Human Intelligent Augmentation.” 

A Union of Minds and Sectors: Sponsored by NZZ Connect and many innovation companies,  the forum is not just an event; it’s a tradition of excellence.  It’s where the innovative spirit is celebrated and nurtured, fostering collaborations that transcend industries. 

Join us at the nexus of business and science, where thought leaders and changemakers gather. Let’s converge, converse, and catalyze the next wave of innovation together. 

Looking forward to meeting with you at our booth or on the floor space. Let us compare notes and exchanges about the future, the present, and what we could do together.


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