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Innovation Outlook and BlueCallom Roadmap 2022

Part I. Innovation 2022 – Where is the developed world heading?

Roughly 1,000 Unicorns are hitting the market with a combined valuation of roughly 3 Trillion US$. They are entering the following industries: Financial Services, Mobility, Supply Chain, Energy, Digital Commerce, Education Systems, Travel, Retail, Health Care, Office automation with AI, Autonomous Systems, and many more.

We will share our research and data on:

  • Focus industries
  • Growth intensity
  • Artificial Intelligence Impact
  • Industries at Risk
  • and other key data

Join BlueCallom and top Innovation Leaders in their industry as they share their opinions about 2022 and what their company hopes to achieve.

Part II. BlueCallom Roadmap – What to expect of our product and services in 2022?

Get a glimpse into 2022 at BlueCallom and be the first to find out the new and innovative solutions we offer. We will discuss our zero consulting fee business model and the next level of our technology.

Jan 20, 2022

11:00 am – 12:00 am CET
05:00 pm – 06:00 pm ICT



Axel Schultze,

CEO and Founder of BlueCallom Corp.

Axel Schultze, founder and CEO of BlueCallom Corp, and Chairman of the World Innovations Forum Foundation, lived the majority of his business life in Silicon Valley. Between 2016 and 2020 he was on a quest to find out how the brain is creating and processing ideas and how some of those ideas could become disruptive to an entire industry segment. After learning about the latest discoveries from the neuroscience space he formed the “Deep Innovation Design Model” and developed methods and tools to make innovation a repeatable process.

Before that, Axel Schultze started and successfully exited 4 companies. Axel is a published author, patent holder, 2015 listed in the global 100 most influential startup accelerators, 2006 chaired the SaaS Channel Committee at the SIIA, and 2003 early adviser of LinkedIn.

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