Innovation – The new career opportunity

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Career Opportunity in the Innovation Space

Innovation, a career opportunity like no other

Whether in developed nations from Australia to the USA, or emerging countries from Afghanistan to Vietnam or Zimbabwe, innovation signifies the mother of economic development and prosperity. For the individual businesses, primarily large enterprises it is the lifeblood of their existence or being doomed to become a second class citizen if not worse.

This pressure comes from multiple sources at the same time: Customers want better, easier, more useful solutions. Investors want to see the company they invested in more agile and more innovative. The board simply amplifies the pressure from the market onto the executive bench. Top talents want to work in modern, well managed, innovative companies. Last but not least, competition from fast growing and scaling young companies give the lives of established enterprises an extra challenge.

Innovate or die is the order across all nations, industries, businesses and employees.

CEOs of global enterprises cannot be the same innovators as CEOs of startups. And buying an agile and innovative team has rarely worked out. However, as we understand the true nature of innovative idea development, the act of innovation shines in a very different light than the difuse understanding of innovation just two to three years ago. Enterprises can develop top innovative talents who can compose ground breaking ideas, bring them in record times to market and put the company back into the driverseat.

The Innovator / Innovation Specialist

The title says it all, that person innovates. The innovator is a top talent that has a wide open mind, is a stellar listener and amazing observer. That person, in a team of innovators or innovation specialists have lots of general experiences with which they can compose new ideas and are trained to “play” with their brain and produce ground breaking ideas. The innovators are people who literally produces innovation, without being the technical expert or scientist, which actually builds the product or service. Innovators always work with customers and teams simultaneously. The developing and building process remains in the hands of top notch engineers or other specialists. However, in our today’s complex business organizations, we need to not only think of innovative solutions for customers but also innovative solutions internally. Many marketing departments conduct their business in more or less the same way, with the same KPIS and the same methods like 25 years ago. Marketing innovation can have extremely positive effects on a company’s market presence. Innovation itself is another even more dramatic challenge. How can a perfectly organized company with a top level employee utilization, carve out time for innovation? The innovator typically would report to a Deep Innovation Design Manager.
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The Innovation Manager

In the past, innovation was almost synonym for invention and the rest, production, sales, marketing, delivery was a known exercise. But we all learned that this is actually very wrong. Innovation is a whole journey that is as unique as the innovation itself.  To manage such a journey requires a dedicated Innovation Managers with a 360° view of all aspects, processes, episodes, from team building, ideation management, time management, budget management, to operational scaling. The Innovation Project Manager is the equivalent of a startup CEO. A person who can navigate and moderate the process with their teams, partners, contributors, customers and other stakeholders. He or she is the Innovation Success Manager and would typically report to an Innovation Executive or directly to the CEO in smaller organizations.
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Innovation Dream Team Assessment

We designed a special test to see in what capacity candidates would qualify best within an Innovation Dream Team. We make this test now available to everybody so you would know, based on our personal recommendations and details about your career opportunities, if the innovation space is right for you. Unfortunately the space and it’s actors like you are still too individual to make it a cooky cutter test. Hence we have to charge our work and ask for €100 fee per test. You will get custom recommendation and also a  certificate. We hope this is ok.

Dream Team Builder

For the Human Talent Department

This workshop is to help HR or HT departments get some guidance and networking to build the best possible innovation dream team. Understanding that innovation is key for the healthy survival of any enterprise, it is key to get the best possible talents. In this workshop you will learn what actors are needed in any kind of corporate innovation team, how you can find, assess and hire them.

All our workshops and seminars are online (webinars) with the following agenda:

  • Relevance of professional innovation processes
  • The types of talents in the innovation space
    – Innovation Team Members (Subject Matter Experts, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operation)
    – Innovation Managers
    – Innovation Executives
  • The different traits those talents need to have
  • Which skills the talents should acquire or ideally already have
  • The profiles and background required for the various positions
  • Talent acquisition activities and sourcing
  • Selection, interview and hiring techniques for those innovative minds
  • Innovation culture and culture fit
  • Workspace considerations
  • Salaries and other benefits