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BlueCallom’s Investor Relations are focused on Private Equity Investors to help their portfolio companies become genuinely innovative. We see an opportunity to help businesses with 1,000 or more employees become innovative within less than a year.

With an ever more competitive situation on one side and the demand for innovation from different stakeholders on the other side, companies are increasingly forced to become innovative. Today, innovation became a repeatable, manageable and predictable process. Breakthrough innovation is possible from SMEs to global enterprises and is achievable in six months.

We are more than happy to explore how to elevate your portfolio companies to become genuinely innovative. It is essential to realize that this is no longer just a combination of buying the right technology with the best methods but a matter of mindset development. Another learning from neuroscience is that, unlike traditional knowledge, the neuroplasticity of older employees is not locked forever but can be redeveloped in a reasonable amount of time.

You may find our Corporate Innovation Framework the most strategic innovation vehicle on the market as it covers the entire innovation process. It starts long before ideas are developed and finishes when the innovation thrives in global markets. And a vital precursor is the executive workshops so they can identify innovation opportunities and know what they can expect from well-trained teams.


Please feel free to contact us via email or call us at +41 (44) 500-6480 and ask for our co-founder and COO, Marita Schultze.

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BlueCallom Investor Relations

The company is well financed by their founders and the founding employees. All employees are additionally motivated through a ESOP (Employee Stock Option Program) and key employees through a MDIO (Management Direct Investment Opportunity). Therefore, we do not seek any investment.

The growth aspiration however is high and there may be an investment opportunity in the years to come.